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Canada Goose Vests If afforded the opportunity to return to my former post https://www.canadagoosessale.net, I would discharge my office with the utmost professionalism and integrity as I always have.» He and his family are «coping as well as can be expected,» he added, and he’s keeping his «future work options open.» His attorney, Marianne Jones of Bellevue, calls the investigator’s report «a piece of garbage.» Still, while Chen would like his job back, Jones says, he is willing to walk away with a settlement. An offer from Chen is on the table, seeking a half year’s pay and $25,000 in legal fees, but it hasn’t been accepted. «Unless we can come up with some resolution the council is willing to look at,» says Jones, «litigation is the only option.» City Hall clearly wants Chen to go away Canada Goose Vests.