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pandora jewelry Rate between 4% and 10%.1 3 A recent worldwide study showed higher prevalence and more advanced staging of spirometrically confirmed COPD than had typicallybeen reported.4 Furthermore, the prevalence of COPD is increasing and it is estimated that by the year 2020, COPD will be the third leadingcause of death worldwide. The debilitating nature of this highly prevalent disease results in substantial social and economicburdens, including direct and indirect medical as well as other costs.5 6Although not fully reversible, COPD is treatable. Smoking cessation is the most effective means to slow disease progression;however, long term smoking cessation success rates are low (7 10 While a major goal of therapy is to provide symptom relief, effective management of COPD has been shown to reduce the rateof exacerbations, hospitalisations, possibly mortality and to improve health related quality of life.11 As health professionals, we are responsible for ensuring that our diagnosis is accurate, the prescribed treatment is appropriateand that treatment is likely to do more good than harm. pandora jewelry

pandora jewellery Attitudes can be developed through communications, training and development. Motivation can be enhanced by the quality of the talent hired by the company, and by the compensation and rewarding systems. Employees, who clearly understand how their behavior in front of customers can cause increased customer intimacy and how customer intimacy relates to profitability and growth, are more likely to pay attention to their attitudes and to strive to bring value to the customers pandora jewellery.